I’ve been busy (duh)

I’ve been uberbusy at school and haven’t had time to post.

Say a prayer as I have three hard tests tomorrow.


3 Responses to “I’ve been busy (duh)”

  1. steve240 Says:


    Can you email me

    IKDGnot using Gmail is my email address.



  2. Gracie Says:

    Hey DB! Just wanted to stop in and say a quick hello. Was missing you around the refuge and survivors blogs and hoping all was well. It’s good to see you’re just busy. Blessings!

  3. Ellie Says:

    Debra – whereeeeeeeeee are you?? I miss you and “Stunned”!! Come over to the blogs and let us know how you’re doing!!! {{{{{{{{{{{ hugs }}}}}}}}}}


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