Calc, ug.

OK, I’m majorly math phobic.

Calc is kicking my ass. Seriously. I failed my first quiz; actually *failed* (7/15) Ug.

I forgot how to do linear equations, the whole Y=mX+b sigh.

This is the very last giant in my academic life and I can’t actually fail, I would really like an A or a B.

OK, I got a 12/15 on my second quiz (a couple of stupid sign mistakes.)  80%. Hey, that’s a low B. So, I went from an F to a low B.

So, the plan; I will be living in the math lounge where the Math/Ed. majors offer their tutoring services. I should be baking those kind souls cookies and scones for their efforts. Every time I can’t do my homework, I’ll be knocking at their door. I got through Organic Chem, I got through Physics, I got through Cell Phys and Genetics. I will not let Calculus take my academic life.


8 Responses to “Calc, ug.”

  1. TulipGirl Says:

    Cheering you on!

  2. debrabaker Says:

    Oh, I’m not going to let calc kick my ass, thanks tulipgirl.

    Prayers on Wednesday morning would be cherished.

  3. mariasitalyadventure Says:

    you’ll be fine. I got a 39% on my first calc test and ended up pulling off a B in the class. one bad quiz won’t kill you. I also forgot to tell you that I set up my own blog on here before I left and I’ll add some pictures periodically. Jon wasn’t in my orientation group so he’s not in many of these first few days. But feel free to check them out! miss you! tell everyone I said hi!

  4. debrabaker Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Maria. Lets see how I do on my first test on Wednesday.

    Derivatives are sort of cool.

  5. Mara Says:

    I have no idea how you got through physics without calculus.

    Maybe it’s different now that when I went to school, but calc was a prerequesit (sp).

    Also, I’ll tell you what I told my brother.
    It will kick in for you after a bit. It will click. You just have to get past the initial, “I thought I was learning math, not a foreign language” stage.

    My brother is now an engineer and flies f-16s for the air force.

    Keep after it. It will come.

  6. debrabaker Says:

    There is calc-based Physics and trig-based Physics. I’m taking trig-based, you use a lot of trig which apparently you can use as proof for the calculus.

    Thanks for the encouragement, I’m starting to get it. The calc part is sort of fun. The derivative, that is, sort of like taking a short cut and getting away with it 😉

  7. DB Says:

    Eeeww, I got a 77, not happy.

  8. debrabaker Says:

    She did say she’d give me back some points for grading errors if I’m on the cusp and need a few points to get to the better grade so, in theory, the 77 could become a low B.

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