Our Trip to Camelback

Friday’s Ski/Snowboard Adventure camelback-trip-jeanette-misc-098camelback-trip-jeanette-misc-095camelback-trip-jeanette-misc-132camelback-trip-jeanette-misc-135camelback-trip-jeanette-misc-136camelback-trip-jeanette-misc-156camelback-trip-jeanette-misc-159camelback-trip-jeanette-misc-129 Of course it was all fun and games until Joseph broke his arm!!


One Response to “Our Trip to Camelback”

  1. Rachel Says:

    OH NO for the broken arm! I’ve never been skiing, and I can’t decide whether I’d rather spend all the money and possible embarrassment trying it or just pretend I don’t care for snow…lol

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