Coming to Terms With my Grades

OK, no one ever said this would be easy but I got a B- in Physics. I thought I’d get a regular B or even a B+.

I actually got a B+ in Cell Phys, I am happy with that. That was a really challenging class as well.

Dr. Jeff emailed me and said that a B- in Physics is actually a good grade because it’s reputed to be one of the most challenging courses in most people’s opinions.

Oh, everything else was an A, so my GPA dropped a bit.

Next semester is going to be similar with Calculus.

I started this with three academic boogieman; Organic Chem, Physics, and Calculus. The Three Horsemen of the Academic Apocalypse The only boogieman  left in the mist is Calc.

If I get through Calc and the second semester of Physics without a C, I will likely avoid any C’s and my GPA should be at least respectably above 3.6. And if you endured this tedious post, I apologize.


4 Responses to “Coming to Terms With my Grades”

  1. katiekind Says:

    Debra, I’m just in awe. I can’t imagine taking Chemistry, Calculus and Physics in the same semester and expecting to survive. I can imagine your disappointment with the grade you got, but seriously, lady. Look what you did!!

  2. debrabaker Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. Sometimes, I feel like the dog that caught the car, now, what do I do with it?

    Anyway, I can handle the Genetics (The only Chem left is Orgo lab.) I can handle the Physics (did I just write that?) But the Calc is a big unknown. Oh-my!

    Also, I calculated my grade in Physics and it’s an 84.4. I don’t think that’s a B- but a normal B. I feel as though I should let it go; let it go. But letting it go is hard.

  3. TG Says:

    Woohoo! Those are some seriously challenging courses. I feel like finishing my degree is kinda bogus. . . lots of easy classes.

  4. TG Says:

    Letting go is hard. . . I remember my Mom telling me when I was a teen, “You aren’t your grades!” And, while I think I do believe that. . . well. . . can I tell you how p.o.’d I was to learn that the minus in an A- negatively impacts your GPA and that I absolutely KNOW that I earned much better than that — and that the minus was personal. And it was an EAAAASY education course on child dev’t. . . stuff I know like the back of my hand. (It was personal. . . I know the teacher didn’t like me. Honestly, she was a lousy teacher, too. She taught a course that was primarily online, but didn’t want to communicate online. And when she did? Her grammar was awful and made what she was trying to say completely incomprehensible.)

    Maybe I haven’t let go of that yet. . . *blush*

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