Update on my Quest for Fitness

I’ve been going to the gym faithfully doing cardio work and weights.

Last Wednesday, Joanna and I went out shopping together. She had the audacity to pressure me into pouring my backside into size four jeans. Size 4, is the girl on crack or something?

Just a back note; a year ago, I was wearing size 14-16 and weighed 177 pounds.

So, I humor the girl thinking the poor pants would split along the back seam.

I can’t honestly say they fit although Jo would disagree with my assessment, but I managed to button, zip the fly without a muffin top.

We went to the Gap to see which cut of jeans was mine and it is the Essential Fit. Not mom jeans high, but the world is safe from the vision of my ass crack should I find the need to bend over for some reason. Size four fit tight without  a muffin top.

Imagine that.

Said Jeans are presently finishing a week in the limbo of the Gap bag, I’m thinking about trading them in for a 6, Jo would never need know.

Unless she reads my blog but somehow I have my doubts.

Oh, yes, the gym scale reads 135.5. The Doctor’s scale agrees.


4 Responses to “Update on my Quest for Fitness”

  1. TulipGirl Says:

    Oh, WOW!

    That’s very hopeful to me. . . As I’m on the beginning steps of recovering from “Oh, crud! When did I become this unhealthy and out of shape?!”

  2. debrabaker Says:

    That happened to me a year ago.

    After I had Julianna, I went on a diet and started working out and lost 30 pounds. I landed on the upper end of healthy for 5’8″ but slowly put on almost 20 of those pounds.

    Blech. To be honest, I was taking nasty meds that were making me nauseaus but I really haven’t suffered from nausea for months and months. I also work out. A lot. I think I conditioned myself to eat a lot less because the nausea got much worse with a full stomach and I continued to work out so I converted a lot of fat into muscle.

    I actually have defined rectus abdominus and laterals, imagine that.

    I have some hanging skin but I have a friend that had a tummy tuck and it looks painful, so I’ll be continuing to use the ab machine in the gym and pray for elastcity in spite of my age.

  3. Fly Says:

    That is so encouraging for me as well! at 5’4″ I am up there at the 180 and the 14-16 jeans (14, really). I can wear a smaller size because more of my weight is on my limbs then the way most people carry it, so I look thicker on my limbs and not pear-like on my torso…

    But I’m on Weight Watchers, trying to work on it (not trying hard enough).

    Need to exercise, too. Struggling with arthritis and a possible torn rotator cup (not to mention the plantar faciatis…)

    • debrabaker Says:

      Dear Fly,

      It has very little to do with trying hard enough.

      You can work hard or you can work smart (hint: work smart.)

      Be careful with regard to your diet but don’t actually diet (as in severely restric caloric intake.)
      If you’re on ww, you know you’re *supposed* to eat but make sure its the right thing in the right portion. You can eat anything you want but just a taste of some stuff.

      And, dear, you must find some way to exercise, too. I have my own health challenges but I found the stationary bike helps me with cardio work and I work with weights in the gym. I practice yoga twice a week, I really need the yoga. You may do well with aquatics, you’ll find your own niche’. Seriously, I am not the queen of self control.

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