Seriously, this is one of the most awesome film clips I have ever seen

I can’t help myself, I am a helpless nerd. Oh, btw, the thing that looks like an alien carrying something really big is real, it is a kinesin;  a motor protein.

How cool is that?


5 Responses to “Seriously, this is one of the most awesome film clips I have ever seen”

  1. lietofine Says:

    Wow. Very strange. Really makes you think about where people get the ideas for sci-fi movies and stuff. It all looked very Matrix-like. Pretty amazing that that stuff is happening at a cellular level and then we try to scare ourselves with alien macro-versions of something that looks just like that. Makes me think that if there really are aliens and stuff they probably don’t look like anything we could imagine because God already imagined what we can come up with and somehow put it inside us.


  2. debrabaker Says:

    The Kinesin is amazing to me. If you want to learn more especially visually (I’m a visual learner,) check out this google result*:IE-SearchBox&rlz=1I7ADBR&q=motor+protein+images&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&resnum=1&ct=title

    Kinesin on the microtubule is a cousin to the actin/myosin of muscle.

  3. debrabaker Says:

    That link is crap, I’ll try again

  4. Protestant Knight Says:

    How anyone can see this and ascribe it to random/arbitrary/it-just-sort-of-happened evolution… well, I can only respond that what I think of is “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty… the whole earth is FILLED with His glory.”


  5. debrabaker Says:

    This stuff is happening on the micro level (and I really need to be studying for the Cell Phys test I’m taking tomorrow,) it’s happening on the level that we can appreciate with our nekkid eyes, and it’s happening on the macro level (again, hard for us mere mortals to wrap our minds around.)

    The animatioin is brilliant because trying to envision this stuff alive and active is so much more satisfying than what you see on slides in Bio lab. I don’t have access to anything fancy, so we fix our specimen in something that kills it if it wasn’t already dead. Sort of like looking at a cadaver while the animation is as close to living subcellular material as I’ll get.

    Totally brilliant.

    PK, I’m glad the video gave your heart an opportunity to swell with worship and awe.

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