Why I am so tickled by this picture

To be honest, I’m an Obama girl, but I really like Sarah Palin.

A lot.

She’s one of us. A mom, and a woman making history.

She is signing a bill into law with her dear little baby snuggled up in his sling.

I don’t agree with every one of her positions, who does, but she has an authentic integrity that I admire and she’s one of us, a mom and an everyday person.

I wish she was running for president, I do, imagine the Commander in Chief with a baby snuggled close to her heart in a sling? Breastfeeding?

Ahhhh, if only more leaders were under the influence of prolactin rather than testosterone? What a different world we would live in if  the hand that rocked the cradle also ruled the world!

My friend, Rebecca wrote in her blog, “Random Musings,” (and I hope I don’t antagonize her by quoting her,)

“Oh, it’s OK to be a mother, as long as you usually keep your baby hidden away. And it’s most unprofessional to attempt to conduct business with your baby in a sling! It’s as if motherhood is best kept under wraps. It’s just to be done at home, hidden away, almost like a shameful secret.

Governor Palin is exposing the lie to all that. She is completely, unashamedly, unapologetically, a mother.”

I couldn’t have said it better.


16 Responses to “Why I am so tickled by this picture”

  1. debrabaker Says:

    Just to be clear, this is Obama’s response to the news that Ms. Palin’s daughter is pregnant.

    “I’ve heard some of the news on this, so let me be as clear as possible. I have said before and I will repeat again: I think people’s families are off-limits. And people’s children are especially off-limits.
    This shouldn’t be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Governor Palin’s performance as a governor, or her potential performance as a vice president. So, I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories.

    You know, my mother had me when she was 18. And how families deals with issues, and teenage children, that shouldn’t be part of our politics. And I hope that anybody supporting me understands that’s off-limits.”

    Both of these candidates have responded with honor and respect.

  2. TulipGirl Says:

    I expected no less from Obama — and am not surprised by his response. *grin*

    Hubby drew my attention to Sarah Palin about a year ago. . . I thought with her new baby she’d be out of the running — but was thrilled when she was the VP pick. She most CERTAINLY will have challenges ahead. And she and her family will all make sacrifices. But I’ve got to assume that they have all talked this through and made this decision as a family.

    When we went to Ukraine, while it wasn’t a high profile position like Palin’s, we got many of the same response. “What about the kids? What about “the fishbowl?” Are you taking the kids with you?! What about their health?” And then when I got pregnant after we’d been approved for Ukraine, but before we went overseas? Oh. . . some of the comments. . . I wasn’t expecting the harshness. But, it’s pretty dang easy to fly overseas with a baby in a sling, pretty easy to nurse during conferences and meetings, pretty easy to juggle what needs to be done — when the family is working together as a team.

    And were there challenges? You bet. And sacrifices. And our kids made sacrifices. But there were also rewards and experiences that we wouldn’t trade for anything — and the kids agree.

    I’m sure this will take a toll on the Palin family. As it will on the Obama family. Or any family. But if they are going into it as a team, I can only assume they have weighed the decision and realize that they can GIVE and experience more with running for VP than they will by playing it “safe.”

    Grace and hope,

  3. Ellie Says:

    LOVE the pic of Palin with her baby in a sling!! I carried all my little ones in slings – life was SO much easier that way!!! 🙂

  4. debrabaker Says:

    I’m interested in hearing her speak tonight.

    She has proven her mettle in my mind.

    First, she is consistantly pro life in her own walk. She didn’t kill her Downs baby, she didn’t scurry away and have her grandchild terminated. She could have done both and have been afforded the privacy that she will not get in doing the noble thing.

    Second, she has been fighting the corruption within her own poliltical party that has entreanched Alaskan politics forever.

    Thirdly, she is in the sights of the conservative Patirsts. She is now being attacked by that pit of vipers.

    Think about it, she knows when to be gentle and nurturing but she also knows when to kick ass.

  5. acme Says:

    I always feel sorry for folks dragging those big old car seat carriers around when they could be wearing their babies instead. It helped so much to have my baby in a sling when chasing her big brother around. I wish I could have just brought her into my classroom when I returned to work (my students would probably have benefitted from it as well). I’m really clear with my students that I’m a mom first (and many become almost as dear to me as my own children).

  6. debrabaker Says:

    I didn’t get to hear her speak last night (fell asleep,) but dh did and he said she hit the ball out of the park.

    First Dude looked great holding his baby.

    Either way, it will be nice to have a young family in Washington again!

    And, yes, Acme, the sling is a blessing. It frees the hands while keeping the baby close to the heart. I use the car seat in the car for protection, but not for any other reason, in my world, babies belong in the arms of someone who loves him or her.

  7. Naomi Says:

    Impressive picture, no doubt. May its tribe increase!

    One of my primary concerns about getting pregnant was how the news would be received at school/work–would there be pressure to “prove” I’m still professionally committed? Lucky for me, everyone has been incredibly supportive. The next challenge will be balancing motherhood and work…

    Certainly the publication of images such as Palin’s above may make a significant impact on how mothers are perceived in the workforce, especially when policies hit their limits at changing implicit mores. In these days of shrinking paychecks and rising unemployment, American families need BOTH mom-friendly workplace policies AND culture than ever. Whatever Palin’s future holds, I hope the image above is more than a cute photo-op, but is reflective of the kinds of policies she supports. We really, really need both.

  8. lietofine Says:

    I can’t say for sure that I’ll vote for her, but I definitely admire some of what she stands for as a mother and showing that you don’t need to keep your kids away from you if you’re working and stuff.

    Like you I don’t use a car seat for the babies for anything but car rides. I think it’s really sad to see babies in crying in car seats while mom shops in a store with mom saying “just a little longer”. It so often seems that even just picking up the baby meets the immediate need and is so much of a nicer thing than just letting them cry by themselves.

  9. debrabaker Says:

    Naw, I’m voting for Obama, but that doesn’t keep me from liking her.

  10. Kari Says:

    Great website, DB!

    I am confused–if you commend her for being pro-life, why do you support a pro-abortion candidate? Thanks for the clarification!

  11. debrabaker Says:


    I have given your question a lot of thought. Well, you’re not the first person that has asked the question and I have asked it of myself as well.

    I base my decisioin on two separate but somewhat related points.

    First, it isn’t only about abortion. While abortion is an important issue to me, so is the economy, so is health care, so is becoming energy independent, so is not getting into another pointless war and having our youth killed in action while killing (and creating enemies,) of people in other places, aforementioned people usually being of color in some way.

    On a related note, we have had 35 years of Roe-v-wade abortion laws. For most of that time, we have been under Republican government. For some of that time, both houses were Republican. Republicans do not change abortion laws. In fact, if you look at the statistics, there are fewer abortions during the time Democrats are in control of the White House compared to the time Republicans are in the White House. IOW; if you want fewer abortions, vote for a Democrat.

    Additionally, if the President succeeded in nominating and having a conservative justice confirmed by the Senate, the conservative would look at the law (as opposed to making the law up as he or she went along,) and the best we could hope for would be to have the court overturn Roe and leave the abortion debate to the individual states. Generally, the conservative states would ban abortion and the more liberal states would legalize abortion. If someone wanted an aortion, they would do what the Irish do and take a little trip where it is legal.

    Sorry, those are the raw facts. As much as we don’t want to face it. I want fewer abortions (I would really like none, but none is unrealistic, so I’ll settle for fewer rather than more actual abortions and an “idealistic,” Republican vote.

  12. debrabaker Says:

    One more point, I was commending Sarah Palin for walking the pro life walk by giving life to her dear baby in spite of his disabilities and treating her teenaged daughter with honor respecting life again.

    She has, like so many women before her, walked the pro life walk while too many men do little but blow hot air.

  13. Gracie Says:

    Hi DB,
    I know from your correspondence on survivors and refuge that you are a strong woman who speaks her mind in a forthright way. I would like to do the same.

    I am voting for McCain/Palin. I know this election is about more than abortion, about more than homosexual rights, about more than Judeo/Christian values of all sorts. Health care is important as is the economy, and I don’t think there is anyone who WANTS war or lost innocent lives, whether they be white or brown or black. But for me, if I am looking to protect innocent lives, it has to start with the unborn, those who have no voice to speak for themselves, no nightly news cameras to document their plight at the hands of war-mongering Americans.

    To me, this election IS about the make-up of the Supreme Court and the judicial system as a whole. Congress DID pass a law banning partial birth abortions in 1995 and it was vetoed by Democrat Bill Clinton. Again, the partial birth abortion ban was passed in 2003, signed into law by Republican George Bush and then was stuck in the courts for four years until the Supreme Court upheld its constitutionality in 2007. A Supreme Court that would have looked very different if Al Gore or John Kerry had been in office. Just imagine. In all likelihood, if we had not elected George Bush, that vulgar, unspeakable practice of murdering half-born babies would still be legal in our land. You talk about the lives lost in Iraq, but the numbers of babies murdered each year in abortion far exceeds our losses, terrible though they may be, overseas. I think if the best we could hope for is overturning Roe and sending the decisions back to the states, that would be a pretty wonderful victory!

    In short, I guess I would say that even if it means the economy suffers (which I am not convinced it will) or if health care remains a problem (not really for nationalizing it anyway), or if we don’t pull out of Iraq the day after inauguration, I still will vote for the man and woman who are clear in doing the right thing for the morality of our nation. I know that I probably will not sway your vote, but I had to give it a whirl!

    Thank you for respecting Sarah Palin. Many who are voting democratic have been horribly ugly and unfair to her to a shocking and disgusting degree. Your post here is refreshing in that regard.

  14. debrabaker Says:

    Hi Gracie,

    I’m having trouble getting responses to appear after I approve them (and I always approve them,) I’m glad yours showed up especially because we’re not quite seeing eye to eye.

    Anyway, I think what you have to say is valid and worth pondering. I am pro life but there are a lot of other issues on the table. I oppose late term abortions unless it is necessary to save the life of the mother (and off the bat I can’t think of a scenario where aborting a child in the third trimester would be less traumatic on the mother.)

    As you might guess, I have no difficulties getting along with people who don’t agree with me, if you want to opine, please do. Oh, and as far as negativity goes, I agree. I have been disappointed in Sarah Palin of late, but I think she just got thrust into a position for which she wasn’t quite prepared. I don’t think I could handle that pressure, either. It wasn’t fair for McCain to throw her into the metaphoric pool before she knew how to swim.

  15. Gracie Says:

    Thanks for your gracious response, DB. And no, I am not at all surprised that you don’t find it difficult to get along with those who don’t agree with you. I’ve seen it on the blogs.

    I think Sarah Palin would handle the pressure just fine if she wasn’t being constrained by the campaign into the Republican talking points box. Frankly, I would LOVE to hear a candidate, any candidate, truly speak his or her mind. It all seems so postured to me.

    By the way, you have a lovely family!

  16. debrabaker Says:


    I’m worried she would be eaten alive by the political sharks.

    Thank you for the kind words and the nice comment about my family. I must hurry out the door to get to the early Cognitive class so I can get some office hours to get my Physics questions answered. Physics is challenging but I love it. Thanks for all your comments.

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