Brick Walls

For those of you that don’t know me well, one of my heroes is Randy Pausch. He just lost his battle with pancreatic cancer but gave the world a wonderful gift in the form of his last lecture.

One of the many profound things he said was that brick walls are there for a reason; to show you how much you want it.

I can see that my Physics class is going to be one of those brick wall experiences for me.

I have forgotten most of my Algebra and Trig. My prof, Dr. Jeff (as he wishes to be called,) has suggested it is the latency effect.

He is also worried that some of us <cough-cough> might worry about this and become self-fulfilling prophecies. I also went to the math department to see how their tutoring worked so I would have my resources set up in advance just in case it takes more effort to remember the bits of Algebra and Trig hidden in the deep recesses of my memory. The woman in the department office was a tad condescending because apparently I am the first Physics student to present with such a request.

Brick wall.

Just a brick wall. I want it *badly* Really really badly.


3 Responses to “Brick Walls”

  1. Cristi Says:

    Hi Debra, I had physics quite a while ago, but I always had fun with it. I don’t know how much I might remember but if you get stuck I’d be happy to help figure stuff out. I hope you have fun in your classes this semester.

  2. debrabaker Says:

    Thanks. I’m sure I’ll be taking full advantage of my prof’s office hours as well. I will determine to get help early and often.

    Plus, I do want to have fun with it as well.

  3. debrabaker Says:

    I’m just remembering I had this post.

    In the way of an update, I have a high B in Physics. Which is pretty good.

    I have all A’s in lab.

    What does this mean? I could get an A if I do well in the last tests and final.


    Dr. Jeff is a really good albeit quirky professor.

    Poor man is getting over the flu so say a little prayer for him.

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