I start school today (say a prayer for me)

I’m a little nervous because my kids will be home all day (don’t worry, the oldest is sixteen.)

Today is my long day because finally got an seat in the HIV/AIDS class that I had been jonsing to take. I really like and respect the Prof. and he has already agreed to write me a letter of recommendation. He’s an MD and PhD, so his letter should be auspicious for my applications.

I wish I wasn’t going to miss my kiddos all day, but it’s just for this week and they’ll be in school next week.

Oy, I have a tight schedule.

I’ll be dropping one of my Psych classes but I’m going to sit in on both today. Cognitive and The Psych of Learning. (and I’m toying with the idea of asking the Abnormal Psych prof to let me study independently because her class is the same time my Physics class meets. Abnormal Psych is important if I’m going to become either a doctor or a PA.

So, I have one Psych class to be determined, Cell Phys and a lab (on Monday, of course,) Physics and a lab, and the HIV/AIDS class. And I’m doing some research with my adviser (really awesome stuff, more later.)

I hope I havent bitten off more than I can chew.


4 Responses to “I start school today (say a prayer for me)”

  1. Naomi Says:

    Oy. After reading this, I’ll not complain about my schedule any more! Hope the days have gone well for you. Supportive profs can make all the difference.

    Classes started yesterday for me too–and I started teaching today. I think it went well–I let them out 15 minutes early, so I’m hoping that will help build rapport. 🙂

  2. debrabaker Says:

    Dont put yourself down.

    But I’m trying to remember Trig for my Physics, ug.

  3. Stunned Says:

    Hi, I hope you don’t mind me wandering in from another website (SGMrefuge), but I noticed in one of those posts over there that you were a “grown up” student, like me. In the school I am in we adult students are a rarity. It just felt so good to find someone else not 19 years old but in college I just wanted to say hi and good luck with your classes this semester. Hope it goes well.

  4. debrabaker Says:

    We nontraditional students must stick together.

    Although I do not consider myself grown up 😉

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