Jeanette the college student.

This weekend was occupied with taking Jeanette up to Carnegie Mellon.

We left before dawn on Saturday morning and didn’t get back home until Early Monday morning.

I am completely exhausted and still processing my home sans Jeanette.

Carnegie Mellon is such a nice school, however, and I feel good about her choice to study at CMU. She is Physics major but will likely change major at least once before earning her degree. The campus is beautiful and the students are quite friendly. The male to female ratio is favorable to her (43% women and 57% men.)

We had a meeting in the same lecture hall in which Randy Pauch gave his famous “Last Lecture.”

We helped her move her stuff into her dorm room. Her roommate is a Korean girl who Jeanette finally met. She’s a bit nervous about being compatible with her, but they seemed to like one another.

Julianna cried for a long time after saying good bye to her sister. Jeanette says she’ll be home a lot. She let Jonathan (who is three miles away at Duquesne) take her car and a parking pass so she really might be able to make it home more frequently.

We also got to see Jon’s new digs at Duquesne. He is training to be an RA and has an RA suite instead of a standard dorm room.


I’ll post photos when Pat gets back home with the camera.

I’m going to miss Jeanette terribly but I really need to remember that she was put on this earth for a reason and she needs her education to become who she is going to be. I know she’s going to grow and change in ways that I can’t even foresee. Knowing that makes the ache in my heart more bearable. But for now, I will look forward to her texts.



2 Responses to “Jeanette the college student.”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Wow, what a big weekend for you!

  2. debrabaker Says:

    Julianna cried for an hour on the way home, fell asleep, and has been ok since. I think she got it out of her system.

    Jeanette has made some nice friends already and started classes yesterday (8-25.) Her Physics class sounds brutal and her History teacher self-identifies as to the left of Lenin. Ha. Jon, Maria, Jess, and I all started classes yesterday as well.

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