OK, I’m officially a nerd, but this is amazing…

This is why I’m a Biology major. This stuff is so amazing.


4 Responses to “OK, I’m officially a nerd, but this is amazing…”

  1. tiro Says:

    Awesome. Love it too. thanks for sharing this.


  2. debrabaker Says:

    I am unreasonably pleased that someone else thinks this is awesome.

    I am endlessly fascinating with the beauty and efficiency of living things.

  3. Paula Fether Says:

    I got a kick out of the oxymoronic statement about all this high efficiency and incredible complexity being the product of millions of years of evolution. If evo is all about gradual change, and something goes a gazillion years without change, that pretty much blows the timescale (and blind, impersonal, purposeless “god”) out of the water.

  4. debrabaker Says:


    The two are not mutually exclusive.

    And evolution is (at least our understanding of things at this moment in time,) is not always (or, in some opinions, often) gradual change over millions of years of time.

    The electron transport chain and ATPsynthase are amazing. As a person of faith, I give glory to my Creator.

    As a person of science, I am still blown away.

    The two exist with a different set of rules and a different lexicon, but they are not mutually exclusive; all I need do is look around me.

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