Today is the day I volunteer at the hospital

On Thursdays I volunteer in the OR of our local hospital.

At least until I go back to school next month.

I don’t actually get to venture into the operating rooms too often, rest assured. My duties include answering the phone, stamping in paperwork, and keeping the message board in order. I have weaseled my way into expanding my duties to include taking specimen to pathology or microbiology (or cytology.) I’ve also taken things to and from Endo as well as other venues. I also get units of blood from the bloodbank.

Some days are crazy and other days are slow.  Never in between.

I guess I’m starting to get a bit sentimental about volunteering because I won’t be able to continue in the fall because my class schedule conflicts with my volunteering schedule. There are no available times on Tuesdays (my only free day,) and I will likely find an opening in the ER or at one of the nurses stations.

In case you were curious (and you must be curious in some sense of the word if you have managed to read this far,) the real OR is *nothing* like the TV versions of the experience. First, there is little life or death drama (thank goodness!) There is little or no interpersonal drama. There is *no* steamy sex. Anywhere. The surgeons are not that cute (sorry, guys,) with a couple of exceptions.

Grey’s Anatomy; fails the reality test.

House fails the reality test as well.

Even Scrubs fails the reality test but comes closer to reality than the aforementioned shows.

Oh, and I can’t close this without mentioning Mary. Mary is a 50 something African American woman who works as an Orderly in the OR department. She transports patients, cleans up the operating rooms, and schleps stuff around.

She is a Christian woman with one of the most beautiful spirits I have ever met. Everyone in the hospital knows and loves her. She brings love and kindness to the patients she transports. She hugs everyone and treats each individual as though they are the most important person in the world.  I feel privileged to have her as a friend.


2 Responses to “Today is the day I volunteer at the hospital”

  1. acme Says:

    My grandparents served as hospital volunteers for decades after they retired from teaching. I believe that their work at Western Baptist Hospital kept them going, kept them from getting OLD, and kept them plugged into their community.

    Good for you, pursuing med school as your days of hands on mothering taper off somewhat!

  2. Alex Says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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