First Post (a little bio for your reading pleasure.)

I’m getting the hang of this blog. Tried to upload a profile picture and lost the darn thing.

This is a rough first entry and I guess a short biography is in order.

I am a Christian and the mother of eight children.

I’m also a student. I’m a halfassed premed at the present time.

I’ll submit a brag session about the kiddos later.

I’ll share my journey through the Christian world especially my brushes with legalism and overly involved leadership. Later.

I’ll likely piss and moan over my academic challenges. Later.

Right now, life is good. It is the end of July. The boys are sleeping in and going to Grandads to work later on in the day. Miss Julianna is awake but she is so full of quiet joy having her awake is a pleasure. Jeanette is sleeping in. Jonathan will be home with Maria next week. Things will change very soon. Jeanette is going away to college and the remaining children will be starting school soon. I will be technically a Senior but I’ll take another year to graduate.


10 Responses to “First Post (a little bio for your reading pleasure.)”

  1. sgmrefuge Says:

    DB!!! 🙂

    Welcome to the blog world! I’m bookmarking your page… and looking forward to the “pissing and moaning”… LOL!! That’s what I do on my blog…. or something like that… 😉


  2. sgmrefuge Says:

    OH!… I forgot to add before… you have an absolutely lovely family!!


  3. debrabaker Says:

    Thanks, Carole.

    They make my heart happy. They all have unique personalities.

  4. Deb Says:

    8 children…man PCOM should accept you just because of that reason. Anyone who can raise 8 children and go to college will be one absolutely wonderful doctor!!

    Lovely family by the way. And, brushes with legalism…I’ve had plenty brushes myself. I’m eager to read what you have to say about the topic.

  5. Ellie Says:

    Hey, cool blog DB! I’m looking forward to reading about your past experiences and also your upcoming medical school stuff! I used to want to be a doctor but that went by the wayside. I loved watching the medical center and ER shows when I was younger, but now I doctor my kids who are always bleeding all over because of one thing or the other! 😉

  6. julie Says:

    Sounds like your blog will be very very interesting…hehe Look forward to reading , though I don’t see how you’ll have time to write much!

  7. debrabaker Says:

    I won’t have much time when school starts on the 25th.

    There’s a big boogyman called, “Physics.” My last spooky class.

  8. Ellie Says:

    Physics in highschool was what canned the doctor idea for me. I SO totally didn’t understand it. Got As in all the other sciences and maths but physics went over my head. :/

  9. amyrpk Says:

    Glad to finally “see” you. 🙂 Your family is gorgeous.

    When I was in school (univ/buffalo through ’82) there was a course called Physics for Poets. My kind of physics. 🙂

    Am guessing that’s not what you’re taking. LOL

  10. debrabaker Says:

    Is this amy from MDC?

    Nice to see you again.

    No, dear, this is not Physics for poets (I think that is Structure of the Universe at WCU. It is Physics/Philosophy 🙂 )

    Anyway, my Physics should be named, “Physics for those who want a lower GPA.”


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